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Solving Foot Care Requirements

We welcome the opportunity to listen to, and discuss your foot care requirements. Living with foot related pain ! We can help. We study and understand feet, including what it takes to achieve good fitting footwear, along with good foot support. Our company is based on the belief that good foot health and care, leads to more general body health and wellness. Therefore, we work closely with our manufacturing partners in the industry to offer you an excellent selection of the world's best products. Thus, we welcome the opportunity to help you find good, supportive fitting footwear, with style, in our store. 

There are approximately 26 bones in each foot, bound together in a series of arch formations with cartilage, tendon and muscle, to create one of nature's fascinating, natural weight bearing structures. The average person takes 6, 175 steps per day, which could be as much as 220 million steps in a lifetime, therefore good foot care and support is essential to our daily human well being.

For those who work on their feet all day, every day, we stock a range of appropriate, affordable products for both protection and support. Are you active on your feet everyday, and experiencing pain ! No more pain ! Call to us, and we can help with good-fit, arch support, good footwear, including advice on sympathetic materials. We offer comfort with style, help with your choice.

Various width fittings from slim to extra wide fitting are in-stock daily. We understand the need for good fitting footwear without stitching seams (with ample height and depth in the toe area) when conditions, such as diabetes, are involved.


Many good quality shoes offer exceptional under foot support. We are here to help you with our famous selections and choice of best footwear brands. This helps to get the perfect fit. Some feet need to have added arch support for both the long arch, and the transverse arch. We offer a range of options to help with added support, balance and posture, all at surprisingly affordable prices.


Feet are the work horses of the human body, and we understand the need for breath-ability, for sympathetic materials like leather, for good fit and support, for best foot health practice. We stock a full range of products to help you enhance your own foot health.


Along with helping you with good foot care, we also like to help with good shoe care for the footwear that you purchase from us. This will help to keep your footwear looking it's best over time, and after wear n' tear. We stock a comprehensive selection of shoe care products, accessories and aids, including all the latest advances in shoe care technology.

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